Safe Cum Safe Deposit Locker

This is a custom defined safe used specifically in co-operative banks keeping in mind the requirements of the customer for safety of their belongings. The safe is made of two compartments with a common locking door. The upper compartment is smaller to keep money, documents, files etc. The lower compartment is a larger one which consists of small drawers with partitions. This arrangement is done specifically to keep valuables like jewellery, gems, coins etc. Each valuable is marked with the account holder's token number and placed in the available compartments. This helps locating the required account's belongings and facilitates the search.

FBR 2150 Double Door/ SDL 90

 Product Size  With Packing
Height 2150 mm 2261 mm
Width 1290 mm 1397 mm
Depth 840 mm 997 mm
Weight 3372 kgs. 3565 kgs.